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Studs Terkel Festival: Anthology of Chicago & 1,001 Chicago Afternoons Unite!

Lets Get Working_title illustration_by Illustrated Press

I’m teaming up with the wonderful Paul Dailing of 1,001 Chicago Afternoons, in a reprise of last year’s Chi Lit event, to curate a reading of neighborhood poetry and stories for UChicago’s Studs Terkel Let’s Get Working festival. We’ll have Kush Thompson, Malcolm London, Jim Padar, Lily Be, and Kimberly Dixon-Mays reading pieces about Austin, the Near West Side, Humboldt Park, and Hyde Park. It’s going to slay, in the parlance. Mark it down: Saturday, May 10th at 2 pm, in UChicago’s Logan Center (915 E. 60th Street). And check out the other events of the festival: it’s packed full of 3 days awesomeness.

Below is a post I wrote for the festival blog explaining the origins and philosophy behind the Anthology of Chicago project. Enjoy.