The New Redline (The Practice, Not The Train)

Beloved for the way it rides the drive
takes fingertip to city’s curving spine;
tracks ribboned marker giving sense of place
route in or out with ease facilitates

Assuring for the way it hugs the Shore
to unfamiliars coming from the North
or South, that matter, place of skeptics too
Hyde Park the neighbor everybody knew.

If North Shore is the crown atop the spine
then South Side gives too many low-back pain.
but base of spine is also start of hips
that curve with promise, charm and mystery.
Hyde Park is belt of jewelry round that waist
its gems a wealth our city shows with pride
while draping South Side legs in shrouded skirts
as if to trick a suitor, hide some shame –
the scars and bruises of a labored life –
as if those legs were atrophied, not strong
enough for hips that birth new bloodlines on,
enough to push to crown my sense of home.