Refocus Your Sights

Citizens carrying hope in book bags.
A garden, empty
Beer cans mix in with beautiful roses,
Think – no loitering about the man say.
You can stand in the alley …with the trash.
Ashland and 63rd street station, mega center
Bus connection to Midway.
The police station two block down
Twenty minutes to downtown.
A bridge
A connection to down town.
Morning, hot coffee
Connecting people…jobs.
Cultural events.
The art institute, the museum campus,
Cook county hospital or cook county jail.
Under the el you can
Acquire socks
Bargain basement priced smokes.
The end of the line for some
Beginning for others
$ 2.25 can get you anywhere.
Across town or around the world.
Airports, beaches, total urban environment.
Lotto … Harold’s chicken … mc Donald’s…
Bussed in Mexican workers to a black neighborhood
You see some of the Negroes… seem, sometimes a slight course,
But some are learn to smooth the edges.
Take the el to the community college at the next stop.
A way out
The people
Trying to make a hustle … educate you a way of life,
Some choose to stand
In the alley
Drinking their dreams
Left behind,
Why stand in the alley with trash?

Your men…
And women
Human not rodent.
It is a strong pole it seem to pull the neighbor together
It remains
Hope to do better
But the element that keeps it down.
The family Dollar robbed.
3 times in the last two weeks,
But the community needs it,
It is a great spot for business and thieves.