Lincoln Square

Walking and Biking in Lincoln Square

I might argue with

The Walk Score for the north Pittsburgh suburb where I grew up was 8; in fact I managed tolerably well on my bike there, though it was a boring place to live.  The tedium might have had as much to do with the 1970’s, the Great Stupid Moment in American History, as it did with a lack of interesting places to walk to, and the sterility of suburban life in just about any zip code or era.

My Lincoln Square neighborhood today features a Walk Score of 97, one more part of the community that I can brag about, but only 68 for transit?  When I can walk to an L stop, to a Metra stop, to three bus lines?  And bike score of 76?  I’ve been biking downtown, biking to the Lake, biking to Oak Park to meet friends for music on Tuesday nights, biking everywhere, for over 20 years.

Well, I still brag.  And I still walk.


Saturday on Lincoln Ave

A child
wearing an unzipped raincoat
one-foots her scooter
around the corner
into a gust
and transforms
into a pink bat.